Celebrity Watch: Justin Just Wants to Have Fun

“I want my world to be fun. No parents, no rules, no nothing.”

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We are sure he’s an eagle-eyed puppy (extroverted sensing type) [Review Personality Traits], and our guess is that Justin Bieber is a Traveler (eagle-eyed, bleeding-hearted hippie puppy or ESFP). And like so many young eagle-eyed hippies, Justin (20) is at risk of destroying himself before he’s fully formed. Just like Justin, eagle-eyed hippies want to experience everything that life has to offer. For them, if a person’s not a little impulsive, they don’t have a pulse. They crave excitement and don’t feel truly alive without it.

In just one recent example, in January 2014, Justin was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, along with singer Khalil, on suspicion of driving under the influence, driving with an over six month expired license and resisting arrest without violence. Justin reportedly admitted at the scene to consumption of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. A toxicology report revealed that he had THC and Xanax in his system at the time of his arrest. Just a fun night out on the town.

It’s easy to be critical and even to delight in their failures. But we believe eagle-eyed hippies like Justin should be enjoyed for what they are instead of condemned for what they are not. Let’s be honest, eagle-eyed hippies don’t just have fun by themselves, they make life a lot more fun for the rest of us as well.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun when you are young (and by definition lacking in judgment), unless you manage to permanently damage yourself or others in the process. The problem is that eagle-eyed hippies often lack the judgment to know when to apply the brakes until they are in their mid-twenties or even later. By that time, they may already be in serious, irreversible trouble.

Travelers develop their eagle-eyed perception first in life, becoming noticeably aware of their surroundings beginning at about age six. Their judging skills develop later, sometimes much later. This would explain why Justin is so attracted to the shiny objects everywhere around him —fast cars, fascinating people, beautiful women, expensive clothes, drugs, and alcohol. The Traveler cannot help but be allured by the excitement of these things.

For most of us the notion that good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment makes sense. But the kids that are hard-core experiencers like Justin are at risk of not making it to adulthood in one piece. That’s where parents and teachers come in—or at least that is where they should come in.

Eagle-eyed hippie children are notorious for giving their parents and teachers a hard time for not doing their homework and being noisy and restless in school. But what if the wild child is independently wealthy and beyond the control of his or her parents? Or what if the parents are just as wild as the child?

It’s easy to criticize Justin for his mistakes and apparent foolishness. But remember, he is still a very young man whose mind has not yet fully developed. We hope that he makes it through this stage in life so that he can entertain us for years to come and one day reach his full potential.

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