Hippie Profile: President Bill Clinton

Dec 17, 2016

“Well, I don’t have much job security.” –Bill Clinton, in 1992, on why he still plays the saxophone.


Hippies (perceiving types) prefer perception to judgment when interacting with the world around them, which means  they naturally prefer to get more information before making a decision and want to keep their options open as long as possible.  Hippies like President Clinton are inquisitive, open-minded, and adaptable to change.  They dislike routine, are spontaneous and playful, and are more accepting than judging of others.

President Clinton Hippie Tyrant
Early in his career Clinton often appeared flatly indecisive. In more recent years, he has demonstrated an ability to make difficult decisions but he invariably waits until the last minute–and sometimes longerLos Angeles Times 1993 Inquisitive Decisive
In a 2014 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live when asked whether aliens from space exist Clinton replied–I don’t know but if we were visited some day I wouldn’t be surprised. Open-minded Opinionated
The Survivor: Bill Clinton in the White House reveals a president who indeed lacked discipline in his daily routineNew York Times 2005 Dislike Routine Like Routine
Nobody has ever accused Bill Clinton of being inflexible. That may be the good news. The flexible are not usually the great leaders. Greatness–Machiavelli concluded–required 'the assumption of great undertakings." But the flexible ones usually are judged successes–even if one of the things they are flexible about is telling the truthThe Baltimore Sun 1997 Adaptable to Change Inflexible to Change
Most experienced public speakers know how to deviate and alter and add flourishes to their prepared remarks on the fly–but few do it as well as Clinton. (Even if you disagree with what he's saying.) The Wire 2012 Spontaneous and Playful Orderly and Organized
Talking about this stepfather on 60 Minutes in 2004 Clinton said This sounds crazy but I never hated my stepfather Roger Clinton. Even after he pulled the trigger in here–when he was drunk even after he beat my mother—even after I got big enough to stop him from beating my mother.  I had some understanding that he was a good man and couldn't whip his drinking problem. And that he was full of demons that he couldn't control it and he took it out in destructive hateful ways. I hated what he did.  But I never hated him. Accepting Judging

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