Personality and Careers

People of all types can find success in all fields. The key is finding the right job within any given field.  The right job is one that fits well with your personality, talents and interests. We generally like what we are good at and get better at what we like. And what we like is influenced (but not determined) by our personality preferences. Take the quiz and see if the likes and dislikes listed below are a good match.  If not, reverse the order and zero in or your personality type by finding the likes and dislikes you most closely identify with.

Eagle-Eyed Tyrants (SJs)

Boss (ESTJ)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Systematic organization of facts, policies or people
  • Use of mastered skills in straightforward and concrete assignments with clear specifications
  • A cooperative environment with other hardworking and conscientious people
  • Freedom from dealing with personal matters of others on the job
  • Practical application and concrete results
  • Clear chain of command and performance criteria
  • Objective performance evaluation
  • Opportunity to organize resources toward meeting a logical objective
  • A stable and predictable work environment filled with action and a variety of people
  • Opportunity to make decisions, assume responsibility and exercise control

Popular occupations for Bosses include business executive, plant manager, office manager, operations manager, compliance officer, budget analyst, banker, stockbroker, treasurer, controller, credit analyst, chief information officer, athletic coach, technical trainer, school principle, teacher, insurance agent, dentist, primary care physician, attorney, judge, paralegal, and pharmacist.

Enforcer (ISTJ)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Technical work that requires ability to remember and use important facts and details
  • Tangible products and services
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Ample time to work alone in focused concentration without undue rush
  • A stable and traditional environment
  • Freedom from taking unnecessary risks and experimenting with untested procedures
  • Tangible and measurable results with exacting standards
  • Clearly defined organizational structure and objective performance standards
  • Opportunity for increasing levels of responsibility with minimal social politics
  • Recognition and reward for practical judgment and experience
  • Access to the resources needed to meet established goals

Popular occupations for Enforcers include controller, compliance officer, auditor, office manager, accountant, treasurer, chief financial officer, actuary, insurance underwriter, logistics and supply manager, building inspector, construction manager, cost estimator, insurance claims adjuster, real estate appraiser, police officer, detective, IRS agent, military officer, corrections officer, industrial health and safety engineer, airplane pilot, architectural draftsman, farmer, craftsman, bank examiner, tax preparer and examiner, stockbroker, estate planner, credit analyst and budget analyst.

Guardian (ESFJ)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Opportunity to establish and maintain warm and genuine interpersonal relationships
  • Delivering practical benefits for people
  • Time to learn and master necessary skills before using them
  • Opportunity to organize and lead others in a harmonious effort to reach a common goal
  • Clear expectations and objective performance criteria
  • Ample opportunity to interact with others throughout the day
  • Being an integral part of the decision-making process
  • Authority to ensure projects meet personal specifications
  • A cooperative, conflict-free work environment
  • A feeling of appreciation, approval, and support from co-workers
  • Friendship with co-workers

Popular occupations for Guardians include office manager, retail owner/operator, human resource specialist, customer service manager, lodging owner/manager, property manager, food service manager, child care center director, sales representative, family physician, nurse, school principal, minister, medical/dental assistant, dentist, veterinarian, speech pathologist, physical therapist, health care administrator, massage therapist, elementary school teacher, child care provider, home economics teacher, nursing instructor, outplacement consultant, occupational therapist, court clerk, court reporter, paralegal, social worker, flight attendant, funeral home director, host/hostess, caterer, fund-raiser, real estate agent, secretary, bookkeeper, and receptionist.

Philanthropist (ISFJ)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Careful observation and meticulous accuracy
  • Ability to remember facts and details
  • Tangible products and services that help other people
  • Opportunity to express compassion and devotion to others by working hard behind the scenes
  • Standard operating procedures
  • A structured and predictable work environment
  • Practical judgment and careful follow through
  • Ability to focus on one project or person at a time
  • Private work space and ample time for solitary concentration
  • Ono-on-one work with others who share common values and beliefs
  • Limited requirements to present work in front of groups

Popular occupations for Philanthropists include educational administrator, librarian, historian, archivist, curator, genealogist, religious counselor, guidance counselor, child welfare counselor, farmer, family physician, optician, nurse, dentist, dental hygienist, orthodontist, pharmacist, biochemist, surgical technician, medical researcher, veterinarian, medical records administrator, radiologist, pharmaceutical salesperson, physical therapist, massage therapist, speech pathologist, health care administrator, dietician, social worker, probation officer, hospice worker, preschool and elementary teacher, game warden, and athletic trainer.

Eagle-Eyed Hippies (SPs)

Engineer (ISTP)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Freedom to identify and use available resources in the most efficient and effective manner possible
  • Opportunity to practice, master and use skills, especially those involving tools
  • Troubleshooting, problem solving and crisis management
  • Opportunity to apply logical principles and technical knowledge
  • Ability to work with tangible, practical products
  • Frequent opportunity to move about indoors and outdoors
  • A work environment without excessive rules that allows spontaneity
  • Freedom to work independently without need to closely supervise others
  • Ample time to pursue personal interests and hobbies
  • Freedom from routine and unnecessary policies and procedures

Popular occupations for Engineers include electrical/mechanical/civil engineer, electronics specialist, technical trainer, software developer, computer programmer, marine biologist, systems analyst, geologist, police/corrections officer, race car driver, pilot, flight instructor, intelligence agent, firefighter, surveyor, pharmaceutical sales, private investigator, athletic coach, criminalist, radiologist, EMT, exercise physiologist, dental hygienist, emergency room physician, securities analyst, purchasing agent, operations consultant, paralegal, cost estimator, insurance adjuster, mechanic, farmer, carpenter, automotive parts retailer, television camera operator, audiovisual specialist, landscape architect, forester, air traffic controller, taxidermist, and gunsmith.

Humanitarian (ISFP)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Activities that are consistent with deeply held personal values
  • A supportive and affirming environment
  • Real things that have practical application to benefit others
  • Attention to detail
  • Freedom to work independently without excessive rules or structure
  • Sense of purpose
  • Ability to see real results arising from personal effort
  • Freedom to apply sense of taste and aesthetics to personalize the work environment and make others more comfortable
  • A quite and cheerfully comfortable setting free from conflict
  • Opportunity for inner growth and development
  • Limited requirements for speaking in front of others or giving negative feedback

Popular occupations for Humanitarians include home health social worker, child welfare counselor, substance abuse counselor, special needs teacher, nurse, physical therapist, massage therapist, dental hygienist, primary care physician, nutritionist, optician, exercise physiologist, personal fitness trainer, surgeon, emergency room physician, veterinarian, pediatrician, hospice worker, surveyor, forester, botanist, zoologist, geologist, mechanic, marine biologist, archeologist, fashion designer, carpenter, jeweler, painter, dancer, interior/landscape designer, chef, cartoonist, animator, illustrator, craftsman, florist, farmer, air traffic controller, commercial airplane and helicopter pilot, landscape architect, locomotive engineer, firefighter, and wilderness adventure leader.

Politician (ESTP)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Something fun and different every day
  • Opportunity for spontaneous interactions with many people
  • Keen powers of observation and capacity to absorb and remember facts
  • Solving problems with firsthand experience and critical analysis
  • Skillful negotiation of unplanned situations with unconventional approaches
  • Freedom from rules and restrictions
  • Interacting with other practical and lively people
  • Ability to enjoy free time after completing assignments
  • Opportunities to apply strong reasoning skills to find flaws in the system and fix them on the spot
  • Troubleshooting and crises management
  • Real people and things instead of theories and ideas

Popular occupations for Politicians include politician, political manager, political analyst, promoter, internet marketer, land developer, entrepreneur, car salesperson, operations consultant, product safety engineer, aircraft mechanic, marine biologist, electronic game developer, exercise physiologist, landscape architect, general contractor, construction worker, chef/cook, engineer, electronics specialist, surveyor, carpenter, craftsman, farmer, sportscaster, news reporter, promotor, tour guide, dancer, bartender, auctioneer, professional athlete/coach, fitness instructor, entertainment agent, talk show host, musician, actor and performer, professional photographer, travel agent, stockbroker, banker, investor, insurance sales, police officer, firefighter, paramedic, detective, real estate agent, EMT, exercise physiologist, flight attendant, pilot, intelligence agent, and boat captain.

Traveler (ESFP)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Hands on experience
  • Working directly with clients or customers
  • An active and social work environment with variety, fun and spontaneity
  • Skillful handling of people and conflicts
  • Juggling multiple projects or activities
  • Aesthetic taste and sense of design
  • Projects with immediate benefit for people close at hand
  • Freedom from political agendas
  • Recognition and appreciation of hard work and good intentions
  • Minimal bureaucracy

Popular occupations for Travelers include travel agent, tour operator, wilderness adventure leader, preschool and elementary teacher, child care provider, athletic coach, social worker, substance abuse counselor, child welfare counselor, marine biologist, emergency room nurse or physician, pediatrician, dental hygienist, primary care physician, massage therapist, optician, EMT, exercise physiologist, radiologist, personal fitness trainer,  hospice worker, photographer, film producer, musician, performer, promotor, special events coordinator, painter, sculptor, illustrator, news anchor, character actor, pilot, fire investigator, police officer, radio/television announcer, farmer, carpenter, public and labor relations specialist, fund-raiser, receptionist, human resource manager, team trainer, and real estate agent.

Bleeding-Hearted Psychics (NFs)

Muse (ENFJ)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Warm and supportive relationships with co-workers, clients and customers
  • Visible positive impact of personal efforts on other people
  • Activities that align with personal values
  • Continuing professional growth and development
  • Harmonious teamwork with creative and trusted colleagues
  • Exposure to new and creative ideas that directly help people
  • Juggling several challenging projects at a time
  • Clear expectations and appreciation for personal contributions
  • Application of organizational and decision making skills
  • Responsibility for directing projects

Popular occupations for Muses include college professor in humanities, dean of students, librarian, social worker, special education and early education teacher, music director, university administrator, sociologist, holistic health care provider, dietician, occupational therapist. human resource development trainer, recruiter, small business executive, corporate/team trainer, meeting and convention planner, hotel and restaurant manager, advertising account executive, public relations specialist, communications director, managing editor, journalist, fund-raiser, TV producer, newscaster, politician, recruiter, editor, correspondent, psychologist, facilitator, career counselor, therapist, minister, interpreter, and talent director.

Poet (INFP)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Expression of personal vision and original inspiration
  • Fulfillment of personal ideals unrestricted by political or financial obstacles
  • Private work space and plenty of uninterrupted time
  • A flexible environment with minimal rules and regulations
  • Harmonious interactions with other caring and creative people
  • Helping others realize their full potential
  • Understanding people and what makes them tick
  • Limited requirements to present before a group
  • Reward for personal growth

Popular occupations for Poets include poet, novelist, composer, journalist, editor, artist, entertainer, actor, musician, architect, interior designer, are director, college professor in humanities and arts, psychologist, counselor, social worker, librarian, special education and early childhood teacher, translator, legal mediator, philanthropic consultant, genealogist, curator, minister, missionary, dietician, physical therapist, speech pathologist, massage therapist, holistic health practitioner, geneticist, ethicist, human resource development specialist, team building/conflict resolution consultant, social scientist, labor relations specialist. customer relations manger, recruiter, and coach.

Prophet (INFJ)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • New ideas that help others grow and develop
  • Products and serves that align with personal values
  • Recognition for original ideas and unique contributions
  • Seeing results of personal vision
  • Working with others on a one-to-one basis
  • A harmonious and conflict-free work environment
  • Ability to work independently
  • Adequate time to fully develop ideas
  • Respect for personal and professional integrity

Popular occupations for Prophets include minister, director of religious education, career counselor, developmental psychologist, child welfare counselor, substance abuse counselor, special education and early childhood education teacher, high school teacher, college professor in language, art, music, social sciences and drama, librarian, social worker, sociologist, artist, playwright, novelist, poet, interior designer, graphic designer, editor, art director, genealogist, film maker, set designer,  merchandise designer and displayer, health care administrator, mediator, social worker, nutritionist, holistic health care provider, massage therapist, occupational therapist, fund-rasing director, crisis hotline operator, human resource manager, organizational development consultant, corporate/team trainer, environmental lawyer, curator, literary agent, philanthropic consultant, staff advocate, coach, recruiter, and customer relations manager.

Romantic (ENFJ)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Interacting with a diverse group of people on a variety of projects
  • Creative inspiration
  • Creating new ideas, products or services to help others
  • Freedom from responsibility for routine details
  • Freedom to have fun and act spontaneously with minimal rules and structure
  • Meeting new people, learning new skills, and satisfying personal curiosity
  • Activities that align with personal values
  • Harmonious relationships free of personal conflict
  • Recognition and appreciation for enthusiasm, ingenuity and imagination

Popular occupations for Romantics include screenwriter, playwright, columnist, journalist, character actor, musician, composer, newscaster, interior decorator, artist, reporter, editor, creative director, theater director, costume designer, TV producer, cartoonist, animator, public relations and labor relations specialist, publicist, advertising account executive, special education and early childhood education teacher, teacher of art, drama, music and language, child welfare counselor, social worker, career counselor, guidance counselor, ombudsperson, psychologist, philanthropic consultant, social scientist, anthropologist, dietician, speech pathologist, holistic health practitioner, massage therapist, physical therapist, legal mediator, occupational therapist, business consultant, inventor, human resource manager, trainer, conference planner, restaurateur, consultant in change management, diversity and team building, environmental attorney, recruiter, staff advocate, coach, and customer relations manager.

Pointy-Headed Psychics (NTs)

Director (ENTJ)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Long-range strategic planning
  • Intellectual stimulation and creativity
  • A structured work environment with clear guidelines
  • Authority to set personal and organizational goals
  • Opportunity to work with other ambitious, intelligent, and creative people
  • Opportunity to meet interesting and powerful people
  • Opportunity to excel in the public eye
  • Opportunity to advance to senior leadership in an organization
  • Recognition and fair compensation for personal accomplishments
  • Freedom from dealing with interpersonal squabbles

Popular occupations for Directors include motion picture director, theater producer, managing editor, college and university administrator, business executive, military officer, college administrator, hospital administrator, personnel manager, sales manager, marketing manager, international sales and marketing, stockbroker, corporate finance attorney, international banker, treasurer, chief financial officer, management consultant, marketing executive, investment banker, venture capitalist, management consultant, educational consultant, management trainer, environmental engineer, political consultant, judge, psychologist, psychiatrist, science professor, chemical engineer, intellectual property attorney, environmental engineer.

Innovator (ENTP)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Implementation of innovative solutions to create more efficient systems
  • Acknowledgement and encouragement of creativity and ability to improvise
  • Fun, action and excitement
  • Objective performance standards
  • Frequent interaction with other talented and powerful people
  • A rapidly changing environment
  • A casual and unstructured work environment that encourages spontenaity
  • Opportunity to start many new projects
  • Freedom from follow through on tedious details

Popular occupations for Innovators include entrepreneur, inventor, management consultant, venture capitalist, university president, litigator, marketing professional, advertising creative director, sports marketing, literary agent, radio/TV talk show host, producer, motion picture director, journalist, creative writer, columnist, art director, strategic planner, special projects developer, investment broker, industrial design manager, logistics consultant, real estate developer, financial planner, urban planner, politician, political manager, political analyst, environmental scientist, educational psychologist, athletic coach and scout, criminal and ballistics and expert, and detective.

Professor (INTP)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Developing and analyzing new ideas
  • Designing logical processes
  • Finding creative solutions to complex problems
  • Working independently
  • Long periods of intense concentration
  • Self-direction and self-evaluation
  • A flexible, non-structured work environment
  • Interaction with a small group of respected colleagues
  • Opportunity to continual grow in competence
  • Ability to delegate implementation and routine tasks
  • Freedom from organizing others and dealing with personnel matters

Popular occupations for Professors include college professor in mathematics or philosophy, computer and information research scientist, computer and information analyst, software developer, database and systems administrator, network architect, computer support specialist, actuary, mathematician, operations research analyst, statistician, physician, pharmacist, medical scientist, geneticist, physicist, archeologist, lawyer, economist, psychologist, psychiatrist, financial analyst, architect, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist.

Revolutionary (INTJ)

This personality type enjoys work that involves:

  • Opportunity to create innovative ways to improve existing systems
  • Credit for original ideas and control over their implementation
  • Ample time to focus on implementation of original ideas
  • Reward for perseverance
  • Occasional interaction with highly respected colleagues
  • Freedom from dealing with personal matters and interpersonal conflicts
  • Continual opportunity to increase personal proficiency
  • Producing products that meet exacting personal standards rather than the  likes or dislikes of others
  • A high degree of autonomy and control
  • Freedom from repetitive factual and detail-oriented tasks
  • Objective performance evaluations

Popular occupations for Revolutionaries include computer and information research scientist, computer and information analyst, software developer, database and systems administrator, network architect, computer support specialist attorney, judge, architect, nuclear engineer, environmental scientist, economist, strategic planner, business analyst, treasurer, controller, financial planner, investment banker, design engineer, astronomer, operations research analyst, college professor in computer science or math, curator, archivist, psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, pharmacologist, pathologist, and geneticist.

Our career findings come largely from the research of Paul and Barbara Tieger.  For more information on personality and career, see Barron-Tieger, Barbara; Tieger, Paul D. (2001-05-15). Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type (Kindle Locations 5591-5606). Hachette Book Group. Kindle Edition.

Our personality quiz and educational materials are based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types and the research of Isabel Myers (creator of the Myers-Briggs), David Keirsey, and Paul and Barbara Tieger, and others.

Disclaimer: 2bme has no affiliation with the Myers & Briggs Foundation or its affiliate, Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc., and we do not administer the MBTI® instrument or the Myers-Briggs® assessment.