Personality Traits

ORIENTATION Puppy (extrovert) Turtle (introvert)
Outwardly Focused Inwardly Focused
Enjoy Groups Enjoy Solitude
Must Live It To Understand It Must Understand It to Live It
Activity-Oriented Idea-Oriented
Act Before Thinking Think Before Acting
Guided by External Conditions Guided by Internal Values
PERCEPTION Eagle Eye (sensing) Psychic (intuitive)
Practical and Realistic Intuitive and Imaginative
Interested in the Here and Now Interested in Future Possibilities
Learn by Familiarization Learn by Understanding
More Factual than Conceptual More Conceptual than Factual
Seek Physical Sensation Seek Creative Inspiration
Trust Experience Trust Impressions
JUDGMENT Pointy Head (thinking) Bleeding Heart (feeling)
Objective Subjective
Impersonal and Logical Personal and Emotional
Decide Based on True or False Decide Based on Like or Dislike
Brief and Businesslike Warm and Tactful
Enjoy Debate Dislike Conflict
Seek Truth Seek Harmony
ATTITUDE Tyrant (judging) Hippie (perceiving)
Decisive Inquisitive
Opinionated Open-minded
Like Routine Dislike Routine
Inflexible to Change Adaptable to Change
Orderly and Organized Spontaneous and Playful
Judging Accepting

Our personality quiz and educational materials are based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types and the research of Isabel Myers (creator of the Myers-Briggs), David Keirsey, and Paul and Barbara Tieger, and others.

Disclaimer: 2bme has no affiliation with the Myers & Briggs Foundation or its affiliate, Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc., and we do not administer the MBTI® instrument or the Myers-Briggs® assessment.